Holly Gilman

Running the show!

I’m the one charged with the task of taking this venture forward and I’m so excited!

You can find out more about me on YouTube and Instagram.

Alecia Barnes

Co- Founder of LensFayre

Alecia has come on board to help mentor Holly through the process of setting up the Analogue Spotlight. She has a particular interest in fair representation and diversity.

Check out LensFayre for more information.

Paul McKay

Co-Founder of Analogue Wonderland & The Analogue Spotlight

As part of the original Analogue Spotlight group Paul has come on board to mentor Holly through the process of setting up the business.

Check out Analogue Wonderland for more information.

Hamish Gill

Founder of 35mmc, pixl-latr, Omnar Lenses & The Analogue Spotlight

Hamish is a long standing member of the analogue community and one of the founders of The Analogue Spotlight. Hamish’s role is now to help build the spotlight, and to mentor Holly in the set up of the business.

Check out 35mmc, Pixllatr, Omnar Lenses, The Kiln