The Analogue Spotlight

Our Mission

The Analogue Spotlight is a group of photographic retailers, manufacturers, charities, groups and individuals who have joined together to support the analogue photography community and industry, to help keep analogue photography thriving worldwide, and to promote diversity within the sector.


  • To raise the profile of analogue photographic practices worldwide through events, social media and workshops.
  • Bring together individuals and businesses interested in analogue photographic practices
  • Bring fair representation of voices within the analogue community (gender, sexuality, race, ability, etc…)
  • Support new businesses and charitable ventures within the industry by offering mentoring, safe spaces for discussion and potentially funding opportunities.
  • Promote and assist in the furthering of research and development in the industry such as the research being conducted into environmentally friendly options.


Short term goals:

  • Create and build the network and grow a membership base
  • Create a platform of member benefits and ensure they are delivered upon
  • Promote news, activities and events through social media channels
  • Increase awareness of what the network is for, it’s goals and ambitions.
  • Organise Analogue Spotlight launch event

Medium term goals:

  • Work on outreach initiatives that help more people get into or improve their analogue practice – no reinventing the wheel, if someone is already doing any of this we would look to support their initiative but set new things up where they aren’t already available.

Medium term goals:

  • Assist with longer-term research and development projects, particularly in the field of environmental progress.
  • Start to create some more permanent hubs/assist with the furthering of already established community darkrooms to create physical community spaces/education spaces.