Inaugural Community Event

May 14th 2022
The Kiln Coworking Space, Worcester, UK

After the success of the Analogue Spotlight at The Photography Show at the NEC in September 2021, in 2022 we hosted our first independent event!

A one-day ticketed event held at The Kiln Coworking Space on Saturday the 14th of May, visitors enjoyed a host of activities to expand their film photography knowledge, gain new inspiration, shoot some film, and meet and make analogue photography friends!

The day included:

  • Exhibitor pods where visitors can meet their favourite analogue photography brands, and pick up some in-person products and bargain
  • Inspirational talks and demonstrations from members of the analogue photography community
  • The opportunity to develop your own film (with expert guidance
  • A guided photo walk around the city of Worcester
  • Exclusive gift bag and raffle entre
  • Submission to an unique community photo exhibition
  • A chance to meet up with friends, old and new, in the film photography community.

Exhibitor Pods

At the event there was a number of pods where visitors were able to interact with, ask questions, and buy products from some of their favourite UK film photography brands. There were opportunities to pick up film, cameras, accessories, scanning equipment, camera repairs, and much more! Pods included: 

  • Alfie Cameras
  • Analogue Wonderland 
  • Chroma Camera
  • Cameras by Max
  • Simon Forster Photographic
  • Ilford Photo 
  • Intrepid
  • LensFayre 
  • pixl-latr 
  • PPP Camera
  • SilverPan Film Lab
  • Solarcan
  • Zone Imaging

Talks, Workshops and Photowalk

There were also talks and workshops covering relevant and engaging topics. Including: the future of film photography, sustainability in film photography, inclusivity and social engagement in film photography, and the future of the film camera. We also lined up a ‘Women in Film’ panel discussion to cover one opportunity of growing the film community. 

Speakers included:

  • Andy Church, Kodak Alaris
  • Michelle Parr, Ilford Photo 
  • Miles Myerscough-Marris, Expired Film Club
  • Ethan Moses, CameraDactyl (live from his home in the US)
  • Kate Hook, film photographer and Tiktok star

Jack’s Lab also ran free workshops throughout the day to help folks develop thier own B&W film.

Sunny 16 podcast hosted a photowalk around Worcester towards the end of the day – the perfect opportunity for people to put into practice the things they learned, the ideas they had and try out the gear they bought

Exhibition – sponsored and curated by FRONT

Every attendee had the opportunity to submit one of their own film photographs. These were printed and displayed in a room during the event, alongside the photographer’s name – giving folks a simple opportunity to share a piece of their work and also be inspired by others in the community.


Every ticket sale generated an automatic entry into a raffle – with prizes including a Snap camera, a WonderBox of film, a pixl-latr for easy home scanning, and much more!


We received sponsorship for this event from Ilford PhotoThe Photography ShowAnalogue Wonderlandpixl-latr, FRONT, LensFayre and Sunny 16 Podcast

Sponsorships covered specific costs, donations of gifts and discounts for ticket holders as well as a few raffle prizes.

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